Trait Data and Analysis for ENSMUST00000214204

Cholinergic receptor, nicotinic, alpha polypeptide 3

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Group Mouse: Retina-RGC-Rheaume group
Tissue Retina Single-cell RNA-Seq
Gene Symbol Chrna3
Aliases Wikidata: BAIPRCK; LNCR2; NACHRA3; PAOD2; (a)3; A730007P14Rik; Acra-3; Acra3
GeneNetwork: Not available
Location Chr 9 @ 55.010111 Mb on the minus strand
Database UConn-Rheaume Retina RGC (Sep18) scRNA-Seq Raw
Resource Links Gene    GeneMANIA    Protein Atlas    Rat Genome DB    GTEx Portal   
BioGPS    STRING    PANTHER    Gemma    ABA    EBI GWAS   


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